I can’t stop loving you

Why is it that certain influences never seem to leave my designs alone? Do you ever ask yourself this question? I’m also a photographer, and in my previous life I was hugely in love with adding textures and natural imagery into my editing whenever I could. And, now….years later…I still want, nay NEED to incorporate the same feel into my design work as well. Why? I have no idea. It just feels…good. Do you also have an influence that somehow finds a way to creep into your work? I don’t mean all of the time because, of course, that would just be silly wouldn’t it? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I always give the client what they want. But….when I can…when that option is there…I do it! I layer in some textures and/or a nature image, ha ha! Then I get to feel totally satisfied for a bit. Like I got away with something. Or, something.

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