So, here it stands

I’ve used the same Web service provider for over 10 years without fail. Until the last 3 months it’s been…like they mucked everything up. I’m not going to name them because I think they offer a good service. But, after 3 months of difficulties, issues, and crazy new problems I’ve had to come up with another solution.

I guess I’m old school in the fact that I believe a web site is for showing my work, and a blog site is for blabbing on about whatever I feel the need to. I’ll tell you this. I am going to make them both work together. And, I suppose I will grow to like it. Has anyone else out there gone through a similar transition for their business, and had positive results? I know some people push their business strictly via their blog….So, just curious.

I also suppose this means you will be hearing more from me, then as well, ha ha! I’ve been so busy I’ve neglected blogging the past few months. This should give me cause to say a few words between jobs if I’ve got a thought….

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