A tribute to the late, ultimately great #robinwilliams

I was a child of the 70s when kids were aloud to stay up and watch Saturday Night Live because it was new new and ultra cool. Or, at least my parents didn’t seem to mind that things were way off left, and definitely pushed the envelope as “kid friendly material.” You could do that back then without fearing that CPS suddenly might morph into your house and slap your parental wrist for bad parenting. Mork and Mindy was a regular staple right there with SNL for most of the kids around me because Mork, although written with adult comedic situations, seemed so…innocent…sweet even, and I could identify with that. Oh, and then I wasn’t supposed to watch Robin Williams do stand up comedy, but somehow managed to anyway. Holy crap, he taught me how to laugh so hard I peed my pants! His stand up was…brilliant, pure, honest, and ground breaking. His many movies to follow took me up…and down…to the left…and even to tears. The World According to Garp taught me about life, love, and a lot about sex. Dead Poets Society just hurt. Painful. Loss. His comedic characters in many of his movies always got you with his acute ability for just “plain silliness.” Not to be trite, but man could he bring out the kid in you. Honestly though? Those quiet moments he would get in every one of his films, even if only for a moment. We all know THOSE moments…his serious moments with THAT look in his eyes…they were never just an actor’s moment. No, Robin just never stopped being Robin. Be at peace my friend, your wonderful spirit lives on…

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