No, I haven’t fallen off the planet…into a Blackhole?

Part of what I do is consultative services in addition to design work. I wish I could say I’ve had ample time to log into Photoshop or Illustrator the last few weeks, but I’ve actually been out there helping other business improve things in their own camps. I love both aspects of what I do, really. Consulting is fun because I can sit back and take a look at how other folks tackle Small Business Marketing. My previous lifestyle included years in the B2B and B2C saddle. I was successful. It came easy to me. Did I love it when I did it? No, but like I said I was good at it. Can I use it now to boost my services to clients when they want to take their marketing campaign to the next level? You betcha. Not only can I design their marketing materials to make future clients swoon, or hook-it-up for them with Social Media swag/bling/flare til they lock-drop-and-pop, I can also help them SELL IT. Notice I said “Them.” Yeah, yeah, I could get out there again I just don’t have that killa’ instinct in me anymore. My inner Orca Whale has swum to different waters – colors, line, layout, fonts, and layers, oh my! So, yeah, I can turn it on when I have to, but only for a bit….and then I like to quietly wander back to my good friend, Adobe. He’s cool. Look for more Design work shortly…I’m chomping at the bit…..

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